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The Inexpensive, Highly Customizable, Snack Delivering Household Robot

Welcome to the Page of the Next Big Thing in the Beverage Industry

We Proudly Present: Sodabot !

Our objective is to make autonomous household robots less wide and more vertical. With control capabilities that allow us to balance vertically structured robots on two wheels, we are capable of achieving tasks with less space on the ground.

Sodabot is the first iterration towards the realization of that task. With its unique vertical structure, it can house a can of cold refreshing beverage to be delivered to the comfort of your couch !

Now, even skipping the halftime commercials is no longer necessary. The reason ? Sodabot !

Meet Sodabot

Meet Sodabot !

Meet the Team


Chi-Kuan Lin -

"Sometimes the solution lies in the old fashioned direction of using tape."


Emily Sheetz -

"Our project comes Team 8 tested, Manni approved."


Joseph Abrash -

"Inspiration for mathematical derivations can come from the most unexpected of things like a Cottage Inn Pizza plastic plate."


Mohie Amine -

"Sodabot impresses in several domains: A robust control, an accurate localization, and a map runtime that lasts as long as the Mobile Robotics midterm."


Wei Jian -

"Going up the dimensionality ladder from 2D to 3D is often very challenging. Thankfully, Bresenham's algorithm does not succumb to that rule, and generating 3D maps from Sodabot is now a reality."